89 Galant sudden acceleration and high idle

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89 Galant sudden acceleration and high idle

Postby thenamazu » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:09 pm

Hi, so I was driving home yesterday and everything was fine, then suddenly my RPM spiked from about 2500 to about 5-6k rapidly without me even stepping down on the gas pedal. I had to turn the engine off and coast to the side of the road. Turned it on and it would not decide where to idle but started climbing up to about 6000 rpm again. After a few tries it would be at a "decent" idle, still pretty high but I tried to drive home and it happened again just before I got home. I dare not drive it anymore until I can fix it. I'm not an expert on cars but this is very weird and I would love to get some help/pointers. Something that may be interesting to know is I had just replaced the fuel filter before this happened, but it drove normally for about 10 minutes before it happened.


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