Something New 06 Galant Es

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Year/Make/Model: 06/mitsubishi/galant
Engine: 4g69

Something New 06 Galant Es

Postby somethingnew » Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:41 pm

I'm wanting to build this 2.4l 4g69 galant and turbo it I already know its gonna be hell but its something new I need to know if its worth it though I heard these transmissions are only good for 200hp. I need to know where to even start on the build .

Got This off another forum VVV
4G69 uses 4G63 rod and crank bearings (old news)
4G69 uses 4G64, 4G94 valve guides and seals
4G69 uses the EVO timing belt tensioner which is aluminum, not cast iron
4G69 intake valve = 34mm (4G63 EVO = 34mm) May fit?
4G69 exhaust valve = 30.55mm (4G63 EVO = 30.5mm) May fit?
4G69 uses 4G64, 4G94 valve spring retainers
4G69 uses 4G63, 4G64 head bolts (can use 4G63 ARP head studs )
4G69 uses 4G63, 4G64 main bolts (can use 4G63 ARP main studs )
4G69 uses 4G63 EVO balance shafts (can use 4G63 EVO BS eliminator kit

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