Attention V6 6g72 swap to 6g72tt

Post general and technical performance modification-related questions about the 8G Galant here. This includes modification of the 6G72 and 4G64 engines in the USDM 8G. [ intakes, headers, exhausts, performance ignitions, etc. ]
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Attention V6 6g72 swap to 6g72tt

Postby KhaosGalant » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:34 am

Hey guys so I was curious about doing a swap to the 6g72tt engine I have a 2001 galant v6 with the SOHC 6g72 engine currently so I have been contemplating getting a 6g72tt engine for my galant, I have a friend selling one from his 3000gt. My question is has anyone on here done this swap and if so can you post a thread link in the comments below so I can learn more about it. I can pick up the motor for a good price and I know the power output is substantially higher. I wanna keep it FWD for now so all the power goes to the front wheels and I don't have to change my driveline to AWD he has the stock turbos, engine, intercooler and some other miscellaneous parts, also will the transmission from a eclipse GT bolt up to the 6g72tt block? Anyways let me know any help is appreciated and I plan to move forward with this project this winter!!

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