OEM wheels from different makes/ models

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OEM wheels from different makes/ models

Postby HighwayShogun » Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:52 am

2002 Galant DE 2.4L FWD

So I live in an area where people can't keep their hands off things that aren't theirs, and want to go from my stock 15" steels to, say maybe a 17" alloy, but I don't want aftermarket wheels for the sake of them not being very valuable. So my question is:

Does anyone know of a different make/ model wheel that fits the Galant?

I've found tons in the correct bolt pattern (5x114.3) but can't find anything that fits the center hub.

I'd like to run the alloys from the lancer x (multi spoke alloys not sure of model name) but not sure on hub size.

Can anyone help out?

Highway Shoguns

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